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SaReGaNa @ Anand Bazaar-2022

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

An absolutely amazing afternoon spent with a lively floating group of audience at the Annual Anand Bazaar event at Bharatiya Temple of Troy, Michigan. There were about 2500 people who attended the Anand Bazaar and many made a memorable stop in the Courtyard to enjoy food and music. We delivered on Bollywood music all the way from 1950s entertaining young and old.

Many a audience members got on their feet and started dancing as Poonam, Padmaja and Anamika rendered "Kajra Mohabbat Wala" all in sync, all at once. You could witness audience members lip syncing throughout the program.

Anmol won everyone's heart but delivering on some amazing Duets and a Solo.

Singers from audience joined from time to time to add additional joy to the whole afternoon. About 5 people from audience got a chance to perform. And there is one that stood out - Viha Kini - as she sang "Mera saaya saath hoga" and enthralled the audience.

It was not easy by any means. 90+ degree heat and all the singers in the group held it throughout. Extremeley proud of our team members in making this a great success.

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