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Boksha Janjaati

For generations, my extended family has voluntarily supported Boksha Tribe to promote  Education and Basic lifestyle.  I am fortunate to be related to most amazing human beings  - Late Shri Maan Singh Rawat and his wife Smt. Shashi Prabha Rawat -  who have dedicated their entire lives for the well being of others, especially the Boksha Tribe who were completely cut off from the society and were neglected for way too long.   Even after pursuing education in Columbia University (New York), he chose to head back to India and submitted rest of his life, alongside his wife, to help the underprivileged. 

His family continues to support the Boksha Tribe by running a school with Free education and amenities like Clothing, books, shoes etc.   I personally visited the school in 2022 and was touched by the immense love and gratitude everyone has for each other. 

SaReGaNa is a volunteer group of singers and promotes charity work where possible. What I personally witnessed in the children's eyes during my visit has given me hope to help them in any which way I can.   

Kindly read the literature shared by my family down below.  For non-Hindi readers, I will be happy to translate the details as best as I can.

If you wish to donate, make your donations  with a title  "Boksha Janjaati" for accounting purposes.

( Donation method will be made available soon!!  )

Boksha jan jaati
Uttarakhand charity
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