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bringing Musical Talents together
A Michigan based talent pool of versatile Bollywood singers

A great team of Musical talents covering music from Bollywood and other regional languages from the Indian Sub continent.  We perform at Local events - Public and Private.   You name the mood and we have you covered - Mesmerizing classics, Upbeat Songs, Dance numbers, Soulful Ghazals, Blissful Bhajans, enchanting Bhakti geet and more.   Covering songs all the way from the 50's.

It's never about what size stage we get on, it's only about what size fun we have in performing & entertaining.

Book us today for your next event!!  OR Join us in our own monthly musical events at NO COST to entertain and be entertained.  See Events page for more.



Kuch tum kaho, Kuch hum sunay

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